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If you wish to explore the possibility of participating in the Child Genius series OR want more information, please read through the following and contact the production company via the given links.

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Comment: Hi Phoenix

I hope you’re well. I came across your site during my research, I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch.

I am an Assistant Producer working on the seventh series of Child Genius and we are looking for parents with high-achieving children aged 8-12 year olds who might potentially be interested in hearing more about it. We would so love to represent home education within our cast.

My reason for getting in touch is to see if you might be able to circulate our flyer to parents who home educate their children, to see if they might be interested in hearing more about the show. I can send it to an email address if you can provide me with one. Alternatively, email to be sent an application form.

We understand that taking part in a TV show is a big decision, so as part of our casting process we will be holding an Open Day on Saturday 4th May in London for lots of children and their families to attend, with no obligation to take part in the series. It is a fun day, offering parents and children a chance to find out more about the show, plus an opportunity to meet other like-minded children, and take part in a series of fun challenges and games.

I can also send you a flyer for this nearer the time, but anyone potentially interested can get in touch for further details if they wish.

Thank you & I hope to hear back from you,


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