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This is a site that has, over time, evolved into a resource and broadcast tool for an increasing number of families choosing to educate their children at home. For those new to home education, a good reference guide is Fiona’s Ed Yourself website. The website of the Alternative Education support group, Education Otherwise, may also be useful.

If, like many others, your kids are aiming for exams such as GCSEs or alternatives, Home Education Exams Wiki is your best bet. If you want other families to discuss exams with, this very active Facebook Home Education UK Exams and Alternatives Group is where you want to be.

For resources to support your home education journey, go to the Social/Study Groups and Resources.

For recent blog posts and broadcasts, go to Updates.

My boys and I are based in London, and we are very fortunate to have many educational venues only a few hops away – check out places we’ve been for workshops.

When not doing our own thing, we link up with other home educators for social/educational trips such as workshops in museums and galleries, stage plays at small and major theatres, exhibitions, weekly social groups, park events, etc. Good to note that most, if not all, trips offered to schools are also available to home edders – at a very discounted educational rate.

A link to a typical year for us is HERE. For other years, go HERE and select ‘What we did in…’

[Early 2019, my boys attended an event at a tech college in London and decided to give school a shot. In September 2019, they started Years 9 and 10 after a decade of Home Education. Both are now studying A Levels. Older son is studying Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry, and the younger one is studying Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

As a veteran home educator who believes that home education does not end when the kids go to school, I have decided to keep this website active. I also co-admin the long-running South East London Home Education Google Group and the South East London Home Educators Facebook Group.]


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