Last-minute FREE STEM places


Received the following yesterday. Please contact the Nicola via to book a place or more for your child(ren).

With this year’s Big Bang London events just two weeks away, I am delighted to say that we can now offer free places to children aged 10 – 11 for a day of hands-on STEM: science, technology, engineering and maths.

We have some free places left at two events:

You can book via the website links above or email If you book soon, you should be able to secure tickets for whole year groups.

Programme Highlights

  1. Into Film: Did you know that visual effects you have seen in The Jungle Book, The Martian, Star Wars and Ex Machina were all created here in the UK? Or that the UK is the largest games development market in Europe?
  2. Giant Drawing Machines: Draw a poster-sized outline of your hand onto art paper, or a miniature silhouette of your body using a Giant Pantograph. Create complex harmonograph patterns on paper with a Bicycle Pintograph, big geometric flower shapes in sand with a Bicycle Spirograph, and small Spirographs with bike cogs. Made from familiar materials, these contraptions demonstrate the magic of maths and mechanics in an exciting, interactive way.
  3. PrepareRobo: It’s time for mini robot wars! See two fighting robots and then take apart the warriors to see how they are made and what sensors are used. You can also explore the  software which can be used to program the robots.
  4. Punk Science: Meet the Science Museum’s resident comedy team as they take you on a journey into literally the most disgusting show ever, from how poo is made to what happens to it afterwards. They’ll be revolting demonstrations and gross experiments and a bit of comedy, music, interactive voting and probably some plastic balls.
  5. SEPnet: Ever wanted to take a selfie in infra-red to see how hot your are? How about building the universe out of Lego bricks? Come and see SEPnet and we’ll show you how and how it links to cutting-edge research being carried out all around the region!

The day runs from 10am – 3.30pm. You are welcome to come for all or part of the day.

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