Spinning Candies …

Last week, we were in East London spinning colourful candies in the aptly named ‘Spun Candy’.
It was a fairly big and airy space with a kitchen, and a shop packed with delicate packets of things made of sugar, spice and all things nice.
For our workshop, there were four male coordinators and about 30 kids. Add in the hovering parents and we had about 50 people in all.

The session started with two instructors making a huge block of candy, talking the kids through the ingredients as they were added in, showing off their stretching skills, and asking questions to gauge understanding.

When the block was finally done and a strip of it diced, the children were invited for a taste. According to my sons, it was heaven candified.

An animation video on candy-making followed. This led on to a paper test on what had been learnt so far. 

We had a tour of the shop, and the time came for the kids to use some some candy strips to make their own lollies.
A few of the kids made pretty designs but mine couldn’t be bothered. The only thing on their minds was how soon the lollies would or could be gobbled down.

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