Warm me up, Chocolate


Tomorrow, a few lucky us will finally make it to Dark Sugars Cocoa House on Brick Lane for a couple (or more) hours of a chocolate session.

This took some persistence to arrange but according to the lovely Anduela who assisted in putting the event together, we (kids and adults) will learn about the cocoa bean and the trip from tree to tummy. This part will be undertaken by either the founder or a main employee.

After the talk, we move to the erm tasty bits – unsure if this comes before the talk; in any case, each of us gets a hot chocolate (to the uninitiated, hot chocolate from Dark Sugars isn’t like any other hot chocolate you’ve ever bumped into – see pic up there); solid chocolates to taste; and a mini goody bag to take home…well, to leave the venue with.

I will put up a proper blog post after the event…

Update: Awaiting owner’s response to the not-quite-up-to-standard event.


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