Arduino Day for Beginners


Arduino Day 2017 is on this weekend (Saturday 01 April and Sunday 02 April 2017) from 10:00 to 17:00 at Makerspace at Arch 1129, 41 Norwood Road, Bath Factory Estate, London SE24 9AJ. There will be a free ‘Get started with Arduino’ workshop, talks, demos and various DIY projects to sink your electronic teeth into.

Saturday is ideal for beginners and everyone is invited, regardless of age. You don’t need an Arduino kit to take part though there will be kits on sale on the day but do bring a laptop if you fancy doing a workshop.

The blurb states that “There should be something for almost everyone: we even have a playpen! The Arduino workshops are aimed at newcomers who want to take their first steps in getting started with the Arduino microcontroller, and ‘making things do
things’. Families, artists, makers and the generally curious…all ages welcome: younger children might need the assistance of an accompanying adult, and vice-versa!”


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