Those Pesky Life Skills

Acquiring life skills whilst home educating is a doddle. The kids see what I do so it’s inevitable that they become mini experts at what domestic part-timers hardly get to experience. 

Over the last few years, they’ve picked up and mastered what took me an unreasonable amount of time, for example, knowing where to get or buy what; putting the grocery shopping away; doing housework and DIY tasks without prompts or bribes; knowing the deeper than superficial relationship between making and using money; putting things back; making their own meals; setting goals; fine tuning the acts of negotiation; knowing how and when to ‘play the game’; and rocking London (like their momma) etc. 

Having conquered the home, our next targets are life skills worth acquiring within settings that may require a degree of ‘fitting in’. So, from next week, they’ve decided to join the teens (though not at teen stage age-wise, they’d rather engage with older kids) at regular events.

Thus, they will be giving football a go, returning to ice skating, and doing some semi-structured ‘older’ educational classes. They already do weekly ‘teens-only’ yoga and meditation sessions and thoroughly enjoy the pace and mature feel, so, next week shouldn’t be too daunting.


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  1. Ivana
    May 23, 2017 @ 16:32:56

    Dear Phoenix, you really do a great job with your home educated boys 🙂 I like to read your words and let them inspire me on my own journey to take the education of my kids into my own hands. We are just 4 and (almost) 3 years old, so our journey begins, but by watching how you approach this issue I can see it all makes good sense.



    • Phoenix
      May 23, 2017 @ 17:43:28

      Thank you, Ivana! Reading your comment was a real pleasure. Time flies, though at a more enjoyable pace, when home educating. I still find it hard to believe that we started when mine were 5 and 6, and they are now approaching teen years. It is a wonderful experience and we won’t trade it for all the gold in… wherever you find gold :). And yes, it makes perfect sense to bring up children away from ‘institutions’ within which ‘one set fits all’ rules must be followed without question. I wish you a wondrous journey, full of adventures and discoveries. Thanks again for stopping by. Phoenix x

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