August Workshops at the Centre of the Cell

centre of the cell

There is a lot of good science stuff being arranged for young people (aged from 9) and their adults in August (2017) at the Centre of the Cell in London (Full adress: Blizard Institute, 4 Newark Street, Whitechapel, E1 2AT. Telephone: 0207 882 2562).

On the booking site, go directly to August and select or look through the ‘blue’ dates. For info on particular sessions, check the Events Page.

Workshops get booked up very quickly as only 30 places are available on each. Attendees also get the opportunity to participate in the fabulous interactive show that takes place in the cell-shaped Pod suspended over the laboratories.

When we last checked, the following (starting at 2pm) appear to have some availability:

August 3 – The Genes and Evolution Show
August 4 – Gut Feeling
August 7 – Teethtastic
August 10 – Muscling In
August 11 – War on the Wards
August 14 – Sores, Spores and Sickly Bugs
August 15 – The Genes and Evolution Show
August 17 – Gut Feeling
August 18 – Snot, Sick and Scabs
August 29 – Muscling In

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