Yesterday at the new Postal Museum

Thanks to a fellow home educator, we visited the Postal Museum and went on the Mail Rail yesterday (02 Oct 2017) as part of an educational group. Needless to say, the rail ride was my boys’ favourite – the KS3 workshop on the future of mail was good but the ride was the read deal. Personally, I found it cramped but it was 20 minutes of fabulous education.

An important thing to note was that the carriages were tiny and obviously not built with physically disabled visitors in mind, so anyone unable to independently crawl in would be disappointed.

Location-wise, the postal museum/mail rail was situated on both sides of the road (Phoenix Place). On one side was the Mail Rail and its gallery of preserved carriages and all things engineering – we loved this bit. The other side of the road held the Postal Museum and a cafe on the ground floor, and the learning centre we used for the workshop was on the first floor.

On the whole (and because my fingers now ache), we had a brilliant day. Workshop could do with some adjustments but early days yet. The facilitator and her helpers (volunteers from the engineering world) did their best to keep the kids engaged on the set project, and they provided a lot of writing resources. we certainly got our monies’ worth.

Many thanks to the museum, the learning people and our very own home education organiser, Ms HH.

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