Voicing Home Education

I get a number of media enquiries monthly, and tend to ignore them. After recently turning down yet another – an invitation to home edders to appear on Channel 5’s ‘The Wright Stuff’ – I’ve decided to publish future invites (if time allows) so that interested parents/families can put themselves forward.

The latest one is from a person named Milly Chan. The email received is as follows:

I hope you don’t think this too forward of me, but I am doing research for a FeMail article about homeschooling on behalf of the journalist Cristina Odone, which drew me to your hub. The article is intended as an exploration of homeschooling, how it is becoming a growing movement among this generation of parents, and why families are choosing to opt out of institutionalised education. I’d love the chance to talk to you or other members of your forum about their opinions and experiences, whether on the phone or via email. Comments can be anonymous if you’d like, but it would be a great opportunity to have a say in (as I’m sure you’ll agree) a very relevant topic right now, and any time you could give to chat would be incredibly appreciated! If you are interested, you can contact me on my email: millychan@hotmail.co.uk

Please contact Milly directly if you fancy giving what you do a voice. Please bear in mind that you speak for you and no one else. Cheers. Phoenix

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