Why home edders try school



[First in a ‘Return To School’ series]

At some point, some families may decide to try or return to school (much to the glee of holiday companies and the LEA). Below are some of the reasons given:

TEENAGERS: Teens may crave new circles of friends or new ways of doing things. It’s no secret that the home education community has a dearth of activities for teenagers mainly because they usually know what they don’t want but are slow to articulate what they do want. Trying school opens up a gateway to new experiences and, hopefully, friends.

SHEER CURIOSITY: Children generally have a natural urge to explore how others learn or do things. My older son pores over ‘Student Room’ online and I think he finds the views of school kids fascinating. It’ll be fun to see if what he reads depicts real life.

SPECIALIST SUBJECTS: Children interested in subjects that require specialist knowledge – engineering on my mind –  may want to study these within dedicated well-equipped settings. I should state that science subjects can be easily covered at home, and home educated kids perform incredibly well in science (I)GCSEs and A’Levels.

FINANCE: Whilst the cost of home education can be tuned to each family’s budget (there are heaps of free and low cost events in London), external examinations are not cheap, and parents get zero financial help towards them. To sit (I)GCSE examinations, a parent may have to cover the cost of books, private tuition, exam centre fees and per-subject invigilation fees.These costs can easily become abominable amounts. Add the time and cost of getting a child to an examination centre – could be miles away and sometimes, overnight stay must be arranged – and the strain starts to show. Single parenting households with multiple kids are particularly affected at this stage.

WORK EXPERIENCE AND NETWORKING: Work experience and apprenticeship opportunities are usually part and parcel of the school experience especially for older students. Some parents and kids may deem these beneficial for the experience gained, CV enhancement, and future career networking.

STRUCTURED LEARNING: Families who crave structure as the children get older may be drawn to the institutional nature of schools. Not only is it regimental, it provides a lot of resources that these families tend to incur huge costs on.

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  1. Marigona Dallloshi
    Sep 01, 2019 @ 20:53:21


    I have have 15 years old daughter who know
    in year 10 GCSEs she is on the waiting list to return back to school till then I need some some advice regarding here GCSEs
    if there is anybody please email me on below the email.


    Many Thanks,




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