What are IGCSEs?

“International GCSEs, commonly referred to as IGCSEs on home ed groups, are simply an equivalent qualification to GCSEs. They are sat in British Schools abroad, Independent and private schools in the UK and by home educators. Since the 9-1 reforms of GCSEs, home educators now have more choice over whether to sit GCSE or IGCSE, but for some subjects IGCSE still remains the most accessible route.

The ‘i’ can give confusion particularly when written lower case, iGCSE, that they are an internet based qualification – they are not! They are the same as GCSEs in nearly every way.”

Everything you need to know about IGCSEs is HERE, a dedicated HE Exams Wiki site. If link doesn’t work, copy and paste this: [https://he-exams.fandom.com/wiki/IGCSEs]

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