Child Volunteers Needed

The request below is from a contact based within the Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences Department of the University College London. Please contact Dr Outi Tuomainen ( OR 02076794232) or Linda Taschenberger ( directly if interested. All expenses (time and travel) will be reimbursed.

London is LOUD, isn’t it?
On the bus, in the classroom, on the football field… our children are constantly in noisy surroundings.

How do they still manage to communicate so effortlessly in these situations? Do some children have to concentrate harder and put in more effort than others? Is there a way to improve the way we communicate in noise?

To try and answer these questions, we are running a research study and are looking for families to volunteer to take part. Your child will be asked to play interactive spot-the-difference games in quiet and noisy situations. We are looking for children of all ages from 8 years and above who have English as their first language.

The study runs from July 2018 onwards and we can be flexible about the times and dates (e.g., outside school hours and/or during holidays). We will compensate for your travel and time.

If you are interested, please contact: Dr Outi Tuomainen ( OR 02076794232) or Linda Taschenberger (


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