UCL Speech Project

Children aged 8 – 17 are sought by the University College London’s Speech Sciences Research Lab for a study on communication in noisy environments. Time and travel expenses will be covered. The blurb is below:

London is LOUD, isn’t it? In the classroom, on the tube or football field, at dinner in a crowded restaurant, the distracting presence of the TV or radio,… children constantly find themselves in challenging communicative situations. Our ability to communicate successfully with others can be strongly affected by the presence of noise and other voices in our environment But do some people have to concentrate harder and put in more effort than others in these circumstances? And is there a way to improve the way we communicate in noise?

At UCL’s Speech Sciences Research Lab, we are running a study to find out! We are looking for volunteers aged 8-17 who have ‘normal hearing’ (i.e., do not wear hearing aids) and have English as their first language. We will compensate for time and travel expenses.

For further information, please go HERE or contact Linda via l.taschenberger@ucl.ac.uk directly.


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